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CaraSolva provides point of care system technology for Home and Community based service providers, enabling them to eliminate paper, greatly reduce medication errors, as well as save valuable caregiver time. By creating a series of on-brand, professional materials, CaraSolva can now effectively communicate their product solutions, ensure a supportive and seamless transition process – creating ultimate efficiency for new business development.

Creative Partner: Bethany Siegler, Unique Think (Marketing/Content Development)


“We are getting such positive mileage from the various design elements and templates that you’ve created for us. There’s been a lot of value derived from your work. I’m grateful that CaraSolva has been able to connect with you. The timing couldn’t be better and we are so pleased with the results thus far!! Thank you for your diligence, attention to detail, integrated themes, etc. You have my confidence.”

– Kevin Luff, Chief Operating Officer – CaraSolva